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Compliance & Internal Control Assessments

Compliance & Internal Control Assessments

Compliance and internal control (IC) assessments ensure organizations are operating in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies.

Business Entry to AfricanMmarkets

Business Entry to African Markets

Entering the African market can be a daunting task, but luckily, Countingdesk services can help businesses navigate this exciting and complex landscape.

Business Due Diligence Support Services

Business Due Diligence Support Services

Business due diligence support services help potential buyers or investors make informed decisions about whether to pursue a deal and under what terms.



Accounting services are a wide range of tasks that help businesses and individuals manage their finances. Countingdesk has lots of experience making it a good fit for you.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management​

Our payroll management services involves calculating employee salaries, withholding taxes, and making deductions for things like health insurance and retirement savings.

Business Advisory

Business Advisory​

Business advisory services are a broad range of professional services that help businesses of all sizes improve their operations, financial performance, and overall success.

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